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How to Get More Followers on Instagram

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Want to get more followers on Instagram?

Instagram is constantly changing. It seems like almost every week they add new features, analytics, tools, and more to the platform.

If you are overwhelmed and wondering how your business can compete on Instagram’s ever-changing platform, keep reading!

Here are a few ways you can gain more followers:
1.Be Consistent
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There’s nothing worse than really loving someone’s posts and then out of nowhere they stop posting for a week.

Consistency is KING on Instagram. Not only is it good for your audience but Instagram will promote users that are consistently using Instagram.

There are plenty of blogs and articles that will recommend how often you should post but here at The Social Savvy Co, we believe that as a business you have the power to SHOW your audience how you want them to follow you.

If you decide to post 2 times a day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and you consistently do this, your audience will fall in line.

It’s not about quantity but quality.

Consistency doesn’t mean to post all day everyday but it does mean you have to show up regularly.

2. Have a Cohesive Feed
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Instagram is a visual platform and as such it is important to have a feed that is visually appealing. Whatever your style is as a business or personal brand, you should portray that with a feed that is attractive.

Your feed is your storefront.

You have roughly 10 seconds to attract a follower once they go to your Instagram page for the first time. You want this person to identify with your feed and be intrigued enough to read your posts and give you a follow.

3. Maximize Instastories
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Instastories are a great way for your followers to see behind the scenes and get to know your business on a more personal level

Instagram has created so many features to make Instastories more appealing and follow-worthy.

One way to maximize your Instastories is through hashtags. If you hashtag your story it will appear on a feed with other stories with the same hashtag.

For example if you use #businesscoach in your story, it will show up in your Instastory AND the Instastory for #businesscoach. This will expose you to a wider audience. You can have up to 20 hashtags on one story.

Another cool feature is the ability to use polls.


Take the time to poll your audience and find out what they want and what content your audience is interested in. This gives you real time feedback from your audience and this is priceless for knowing what content you need to create to get more followers.

4. Use All of the Features on Instagram
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The Instagram algorithm rewards accounts that make use of all of their features such as: posting video, pictures, stories, adding music, using stickers and hashtags.

While it may be impossible to use EVERY feature on Instagram. The more you use, the higher you can rank on instagram.

Insider tip: Instagram rewards accounts that use video.

Also, with Instagram’s latest algorithm all posts will eventually be seen, but your posts will show up later in your followers feed if they are not engaging with your content. To make sure people engage with you use as many features as you can to figure out what your audience wants to see from you. 

5. Be Social
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At the end of the day Instagram is a social media platform and it is important to BE SOCIAL! Comment and like people’s posts, respond to comments on your photos, watch stories, and be engaging. People like to feel valued and by being social and interacting with the Instagram community, you will eventually grow a loyal following. You want your name to show up all over Instagram. The way to do this is to actively engage and be social on the platform.

Let me know how these tips worked for you in the comments!

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