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How to Create the BEST Instagram Bio for Your Business in 5 Steps

Instagram and other social media platforms are the online storefront for your business. Your bio is your first opportunity to let potential customers know who you are. If you are wondering how to create the best Instagram bio for your business, keep reading.

Your instagram bio is limited but is prime real estate for any business.

Follow these tips to up-level your Instagram bio:

  1. Choose Your Handle and Name Wisely

Your Instagram username should be simple and easily identifiable. Keep your username and brand name as similar as possible. Avoid weird punctuation if possible. Examples: @thesocialsavvyco, @shesacreativepodcast

Your instagram name is an opportunity to use keywords to help people search your business. Use keywords instead of restating your company name here. If you are a web designer, your name can say “San Francisco Web Designer.” When clients are searching for a web designer in your area, your name will likely show up!

  1. Catchy and To-The-Point Bio

You bio needs to CLEARLY tell people who you are and the PURPOSE of your account. In this area you want to use KEYWORDS and words that speak directly to your potential client.

Emojis are fun and can be used in place of words to save space.

This is your one chance to let people know what your business is about and you have to make it count!

  1. Use Hashtags and Profile Links

If you have another account link it! If you have a personal account and podcast, link them together using profile links (tags) in your bio so people can check out all the things you do.

Hashtags are a great way to get more views to your page. You’ll show up in someone’s search if they are looking for the hashtag in your bio. Hashtags are also good to brand yourself. If your business has a signature hashtag or a hashtag for features, your bio is where you want to put it.

  1. Have a Call to Action

Ask people to do something to engage with your profile. It could be as simple as grabbing a freebie or read your latest blog post.

You want to include something that will engage your audience but is completely free and easy to do. You can see this in step 5…

  1. Add Website Links

Here at TSSC we love using website links. Create your own landing page where you can link all your products, services, blogs, websites, and more. Now you can direct traffic from Instagram to wherever you want (hopefully an email list).

Good luck creating a stellar Instagram bio for your business. 

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