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The Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2018

Are you wondering when the best time to post on Instagram in 2018 is?

With a constantly changing algorithm, it can be hard to figure out when the best time to post is.

The short answer is:

  • Between 11am and 1pm -or-
  • Between 6pm and 9pm

These are the most common times to post because one is during lunch time when users are more active and the other is after work and late at night when people are mindlessly scrolling to connect with others.

These times are not the law. It is important to know when your audience is active and online to know when the best time to post are.

There are a couple things to keep in mind when choosing the best time to post on YOUR Instagram account.

  1. What time zone is your audience in?

If you have a business Instagram account you can go into your insights to see what your top locations and countries are. This will allow you to know what time zone you should consider when posting. Even if you are on Eastern Standard Time, if the majority of your audience is in LA you want to make sure that your posting times match when your audience is online.

  1. What day of the week is it?

Depending on what your profile is about, different days of the week will get a different amount of engagement. I have found in managing several social media profiles that Thursday’s are a weak day for engagement so I make sure I don’t post important things on those days.

On my personal profile, Monday’s get higher engagement because I do a lot of inspiration posts. The weekend is less active and i tend not to post my “main content” on those days.

Be mindful of the day of the week and what days your audience is most active.

  1. Have you experimented with posting times?

Instagram Insights don’t give exact times to post. You will only receive a range. To figure out the BEST time to post, it is important to document the times you post.

Here’s how:

  • Use excel or a notebook and write down the time and the amount of likes you receive in 24 hours.

  • The following week do the same but change the times you post by 1 hour (either 1 hour earlier or late).

  • Highlight the days and times you get the most engagement (likes, comments, etc)

This process will help you narrow down your best posting time for Instagram.

I hope this short guide has given you what you need to maximize your engagement on Instagram.

Remember, posting is only half the battle. If your best time to post is 5pm ET but you aren’t available to engage on social media until 6pm, post at 6pm.

Engagement on Instagram isn’t a one-way street. If you post and don’t engage with your followers, Instagram will not boost and share your post which means you can actually HURT your account.

So, what is the best time to post on your Instagram page? Let me know in the comments below OR screen shot this blog post with your best time to post and tag me in your Instastories @thesocialsavvyco).

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