Need advice and an in-depth strategy so you can DIY your social media?


Just need feedback and help with some simple tweaks to your social media? Now introducing Social Media Audits. A one page document auditing your social media and offering you tips to grow your social media:

  • Bio/name optimization
  • Engagement rate explanation
  • Best content to produce for your brand
  • Call-to-Actions
  • Hashtag research (up to 10 hashtags)
  • Email access for 1 week
  • Audits take 5-7 business days to conduct (10 business days max)
  • Price is for ONE platform (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest)


Ready to deep dive? With our one-on-one consult you will also get a social media audit for EACH of your social media platforms in addition to a mix of the following (depending on your biz needs):

  • Up to 75 minute consult
  • Answering any questions about your digital/social media strategy
  • Analysis of your current strategies
  • Growth plan for your biz
  • How to turn followers into PAYING fans
  • Content and copy that converts
  • Deep dive of Facebook Ads and how to improve them
  • Next steps to scale and increase revenue
  • More engagement and brand awareness
  • Defining clear goalsĀ 

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